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Cloud hosting service - Coming soon

Affordable cloud storage for your videos

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Want to free valuable space on hard drives and protect your precious videos from harm or damage? We offer unlimited cloud hosting and backup services for photos and personal videos. It's affordable and easy-to-set-up for individuals and businesses.

How it works

Sign up for a cloud account with Tapes to Digital and choose your subscription plan. Select access levels for the account and then upload your videos. You get the first 4 days for free and then the account fee will be charged to your credit or debit card until you cancel. Easy!

Store your videos in the cloud

Storing videos in the cloud frees up space on devices and reduces costs for business in having to buy more physical storage each time the company grows. Content is protected from physical threats like fires, accessed anywhere over the Internet and protected from people not authorised to view these, especially home videos with images of children. You're always guaranteed to have copies backed up remotely for peace of mind.

Affordable cloud hosting service

Many cloud storage plans either end up being costly or you never use all the storage on offer. Choose our cheap cloud storage plans which have the first 4 days FREE. Pay as you go for the amount of storage you need or a monthly or annual subscription. All our servers are fully secure, so your content is protected-accessed only by you or the people you've authorised on your account. Each new client gets X numbers of days free after which you'll be charged $Y dollars each month, until you cancel.

Compared to other cloud hosting services, our subscription is 220% lower and saves you £11 amount each month. We also provide on-demand technical support when you need it, so you'll never be left without access.

Our happy customers


An excellent service bringing an old tape back to life on a CD. Many thanks


Amazingly quick, responsive, professional. A lifetime of memories transferred to digital. Thank You so much

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