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How much does it cost to transfer VHS to DVD

We offer a Best Price Guarantee

Our services come with a best price gurantee which means we'll beat any competitor price provided it meets the following criteria:
The competitor business must be established and registered in UK
Price must be fixed for at least 2 months to be considered for Price Match Guarantee
Use our price calculator below to quickly estimate how much it’ll cost to convert your tapes. NB: We also convert the following tape formats to digital – digital 8, hi8 to DVD, 8mm to digital, 8mm to DVD.
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Price Calculator
Price guide for tape conversions
Converting MiniDV, 8mm cassette, VHS-C and VHS tape to digital price
More than 30 tapes- £8.50 per tape thereafter*
21 to 30 tapes- £11 per tape*
11 to 20 tapes- £12 per tape*
5 to 10 tapes- £13.00 per tape*
1 to 4 tapes- £14 per tape*
Scenario 1 : 40 tapes provided
First 30 tapes will be £11 each. Then, the next 10 tapes
will be £8.50 each. Additionally, all tapes over 1.5 hours will
be charged at £5.00 per 1.5 hours thereafter.
Scenario 2 : 10 tapes provided
The 10 tapes will be £13 each. Tapes over 1.5 hours will be
charged at £5 per 1.5 hours thereafter.
Please note: For tapes longer than 1.5 hours, the excess run time is calculated as an additional tape and billed at £5. Additional service fee of £5 applies to all NTSC American/Japanese and SECAM format tapes.
You must supply us with a suitable USB or hard drive for digital files, or we can provide one for an additional fee. We can also upload the videos to the Cloud for an extra charge of £8 to be shared with family and friends.
Converting miniDV, 8mm cassette, Hi8, Digital8 VHS-C and VCR tape to DVD price
This service cost an additional £4.00 per DVD. Tapes over 1.5 hours will need a second DVD. You will be provided with a printable DVD and cover.
VHS & VHS-C Repair price
The cost to repair a tape starts at £12.00. This excludes digital conversion and is purely for repair.
Cleaning VHS and VHS-C of mould
Price for cleaning and eradicating mould range from £13.00 depending on the scope of work.
For photo scanning, photo negative scanning, vinyl record NOT TAPE conversions, and audio cassette conversion, Betamax to digital - Contact us direct for a quote (We charge £4 extra for Betamax)